Wolf Maria Mulder – Poetic Artist – Film

The common thread in my work is Wolf Maria Mulder – Poetic Artist:

The why:

What drives me to make art is to cherish and record memories, stories and events.

the how:

This is done through the archaeological dissecting of everyday life and the making of souvenirs. Making the small big and the big small.

The what:

I give my found and made souvenirs a stage by recording them in video, photography and text. I also help artists visualize their poetic lyrics in music videos.


I also started a YouTube channel. Nice if you take a look and if you like it subscribe to my channel

Terms and Conditions:

My general terms and conditions apply to all my offers and transactions. It describes what happens to my work after purchase. And how to further treat this work. The following provisions are described. Use, penance, unauthorized use, discounts and cancellation.

If you want to view these general terms and conditions, click on this link: General terms and conditions. It is also possible to receive them by mail. These can be sent to you free of charge by e-mail. This message is confidential. It is forbidden to share this message or to let others read or view it. Thank you very much for your attention and reading this text under the Wolf Maria Mulder – Poetic Artist.

The method of making:

This is a basic set-up of my working method, which can differ per project.

In addition, general terms and conditions apply. <

A Phase 1. intake / analysis / research / idea generation

The Phase 2. strategy / plan of approach / concept development / sketch designs

In Phase 3. provisional final design

On to Phase 4. final design / execution / production preparation.

The last, Phase 5. realization / delivery.

Optional: Phase 6. evaluation / fine tuning delivery.


If you want to collaborate, you can always send me an email: wolfmariamulder@me.com