The Journey of Becoming an Active Memory Activist

Why I Became an Active Memory Activist

In a world that’s constantly moving forward, the past can easily become a distant memory. Yet, our memories are the foundation of our identity, influencing how we perceive ourselves and the world around us. I believe in the transformative power of actively remembering our past. By cherishing and recording memories, stories, and events, we can not only honor those moments but also use them to inspire and shape a better present and future. This belief drove me to become an active memory activist.

How It All Began

My journey began with several personal experiences of loss and the desire to preserve memories that felt too precious to fade away.

The passing of my grandfather, grandmother, father, and son were deeply transformative events in my life, each marking a significant shift in my perspective and approach to my work as an active memory activist. These losses were not just personal tragedies but also catalysts for a profound exploration of memory, identity, and the human experience.

My goals in making art are:

I believe in the power of active remembering to shape our identity and inspire positive change. Memories are essential for learning from the past and influencing the future.

I document everyday life through video, photography, and text, transforming small moments into meaningful souvenirs. I present these works to encourage people to explore and appreciate our collective memories.

My art honors the heroism of everyday life and highlights the beauty of imperfection. By capturing memories, I inspire others to actively remember and create a better future.

The Evolution of My Work

Over time, my approach to memory preservation evolved. Initially, I focused on capturing everyday moments through Polaroid photography and filmmaking, emphasizing immediacy and movement. Each photo and video became a tangible piece of the past, a way to hold onto memories that might otherwise slip away.

Inspiration often came from chance encounters with images or objects found in the city streets. These discoveries would unfold into deliberate creative processes, assembling meaningful artworks. Collaborations with other artists, guided by melodies and rhythms, further amplified my work, resulting in captivating video clips and projects that invited reflection and engagement.

Embracing Active Remembering

As my work progressed, I realized that actively remembering goes beyond nostalgia. It involves a conscious effort to keep memories alive and relevant, to use them as a lens through which we view and understand our present. This shift in perspective led me to explore the concept of “active remembering” more deeply.

Active remembering implies a deliberate act of keeping something in mind, often with the intention of informing future actions or decisions. It’s about preventing forgetting, an acknowledgment that our memories hold value and should be preserved for future use. This realization transformed my approach to art, leading me to create works that not only evoke nostalgia but also encourage active engagement with the past.

How I Execute My Vision

My method involves meticulously examining everyday life and creating souvenirs that capture its essence. Through video, photography, and text, I give these found and made souvenirs a stage, inviting viewers to engage with and reflect on our collective memories. Each piece is a tribute to the heroism and significance of everyday life, celebrating the beauty of imperfection and the power of small moments.

Collaboration plays a crucial role in my process. Working with musicians, designers, and other artists allows for a multidimensional exploration of memories, creating works that resonate on multiple levels. These partnerships bring new perspectives and ideas, enriching the narrative of active remembering.

What I Aim to Achieve

My art serves as a tribute to the everyday heroism and significance of life. By preserving and highlighting these memories, I hope to inspire others to recognize the power of active remembrance in shaping a better future. Through my work, I strive to evoke reflection and rediscovery, inviting people to forge deeper connections with their surroundings and appreciate the beauty in the world around us.


Becoming an active memory activist is about more than preserving the past; it’s about engaging with it in a way that informs and enriches our present and future. By actively remembering, we can honor our experiences, learn from them, and use them to inspire positive change. This journey has been deeply personal and profoundly impactful, and I am committed to continuing this work, inviting others to join me in the process of active remembering.

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The common thread in my work is Wolf Maria Mulder – Poetic Artist:

The why:

What drives me to make art is to cherish and record memories, stories and events.

the how:

This is done through the archaeological dissecting of everyday life and the making of souvenirs. Making the small big and the big small.

The what:

I give my found and made souvenirs a stage by recording them in video, photography and text. I also help artists visualize their poetic lyrics in music videos.


I also started a YouTube channel. Nice if you take a look and if you like it subscribe to my channel

Terms and Conditions:

My general terms and conditions apply to all my offers and transactions. It describes what happens to my work after purchase. And how to further treat this work. The following provisions are described. Use, penance, unauthorized use, discounts and cancellation.

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The method of making:

This is a basic set-up of my working method, which can differ per project.

In addition, general terms and conditions apply. <

A Phase 1. intake / analysis / research / idea generation

The Phase 2. strategy / plan of approach / concept development / sketch designs

In Phase 3. provisional final design

On to Phase 4. final design / execution / production preparation.

The last, Phase 5. realization / delivery.

Optional: Phase 6. evaluation / fine tuning delivery.


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