Life. Life, Life; t-shirt


S: W 44  cm,  L 66 cm M: W  52 cm,  L 69 cm L: W 57  cm,  L 72 cm XL: W  60 cm,  L 74 cm XXL: W  66 cm,  L 78 cm 100% cotton

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The Life. life, life; t-shirt.

The Life. life, life; t-shirt is an attempt to typographically shape the meaning of life Life. Stands for life and the afterlife: There is nothing. a period marks the end of a sentence. Also the end of life 2 Life, Represents the focus on the time after death, a comma is a rest point in the sentence. The focus is on what’s to come. 3 Life; Shows the relationship between living and not living: a semicolon makes clear that there is a direct connection with the rest of the sentence. Life and the end of life. The connection between the two. Available in all sizes. The Life. life, life; t-shirt is part of a great passion of mine to make t-shirts. I made more t-shirts, you can view them here: Free Wifi t-shirt. Matt-Tam t-shirt.

The Red Thread:

This t-shirt is the result of a common thread that runs through my work:


What drives me to make art is to cherish and record memories, stories and events.


This is done through the archaeological dissection of everyday life and the making of souvenirs. Making the small big and the big small. –


I give my found and made souvenirs a stage by recording them in video, photography and text. I also help artists visualize their poetic lyrics in music videos.

I’ve also started a YouTube channel nice if you take a look and if you want it cool, subscribe. On my YouTube channel I take a look at what it means to me to be an artist. I would like to take you on this journey.

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