Why should you want a makers a video?

A makers video can bring carefree visibility in 2023. Video is playing a bigger part in your online presence. Video’s preform 3 times than better a picture.
Time to show the world what you are making
I make a personal and unique portrait of you and your work

What are the benefits of a makers video?

More visibility means more customers, more orders, and more income
a 1-minute video format fits exactly on your Instagram page – ready-made promo material
the video provides more information in less time than photos and text

It’s time.

Your time.
Until 12-01-2023 I am offering you this opportunity at a discounted rate.
After 14-01 I go back to the old rate.

Do you want more information you always send me a message: wolfmariamulder@me.com

How does it work?

Phase 1. intake on location + tour of workplace – 1 hour

Phase 2. action plan / concept development – 1 hour

Phase 3. Filming – 2 hours

Phase 4. Assembly 4 hours

Phase 5. Delivery

The Makers video, is a video of 1 minute showing the craft of craftsmen